Honěk viola

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Honěk viola
Our instruments

We produce the full range of string instruments, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass

Tomáš Honěk, fecit Prague 1999

The lower plates are made of maple wood originating in Slovakia and Bosnia. The spruce for the top plate comes from Šumava and its quality is equal to the alpine spruce used by the Cremon masters. The wood first ages for more than a quarter of a century.

Alois Honěk, fecit Prague 2001

We finished this viola on the occasion of Alois Honěk's 90th birthday, so it is not for sale

Double bass
Tomáš Honěk e figli, fecit Prague 2011

The 4/4 Double Bass with an arched back plate is a unique instrument. Today, high-quality resonant maple wood of these dimensions is difficult to obtain. We made this instrument on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of AV Honěk


You can hear our instruments in the Czech Philharmonic orchestra, the FOK Symphony Orchestra and the National Theater. They also play in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the USA and Italy, for example

Dvořák's quartet
viola and violin

Prof. Václav Snítil, one of our best violinists used to play AVH instrument. Viola and violoncello were played by Prof. Jaroslav Ruis resp. Prof. František Pišinger from the famous Dvořák Quartet. Our double basses are owned by the FOK and the Czech Philharmonic orchestra.