News from the AVH workshop


We have decided that from now on we will keep you updated on the latest news from our workshop. There are always some new instruments we are currently working on, new models and techniques we develop or experiment with. From time to time a customer brings an interesting AVH instrument to get it certified.

It is often exciting to look in our archives and find out that this particular instrument was built fifty years ago, sold to Switzerland and now brought to us by a Japanese customer. The history of the instruments that have been built in our workshop for four generations is often interesting. It’s always a very special moment to find out that after a half of a century or more someone is still dazzled by the sound and cratftsmanship of a violin made by our ancestors.

So we decided to share some of these stories, our new ideas, latest work etc. That way we believe our customers will have a closer contact with our work. Also we will post here pictures of our latest work, so you can appreciate the beauty of every unique instrument built in our workshop.

  • Latest instruments in AVH workshop

    Earlier this year we have finished a custom-made viola, now we are varnishing a new violin and finally we have started crafting a double bass according to a model that we have been developing for the last couple years. Two years ago we have decided to change the design of our double basses. Formerly we were making the classical Grancini models.

    Since the 17th century when the Grancino family started crafting their first double basses the technique the musicians play them changed tremendously. We took advantage of Jakub being now a devoted bass player.

    His personal experience as a player as well as the possibility to discuss this with his professors (namely Jiří Valenta of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) gives us a lot of important information to make valuable changes. The new instrument has several major improvements. First of all the back plate is carved instead of being flat. The size and shape of the body changed considerably as well. The body is taller and narrower especially at the top at the junction with the neck. This allows the player to have a smaller distance between his chest and the left hand on the fingerboard, thus making playing at higher positions much more comfortable. That proves valuable when playing difficult techniques, especially as a solo bassist. The shape of the plates now resembles more that of a violin. All sizes of the new bass are more or less triple the size of a violin.

    With these changes we believe that not only the shape but also the sound will make our basses proud members of the violin family. On the photographs you can see the first bass that we are crafting according to our new model. We had a great opportunity to purchase the material for this instrument. It has been aged for over forty years and the plates are large enough to make both front and the back from only two pieces. Also the thickness of the wood allows us to carve the instrument according to our new model. We believe, that the combination of our new model with the supreme quality of this material will make an especially exciting result.