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A.V. Honěk - violin-makers in Prague

A.V. Honěk is working on a new cello

Welcome to the web pages of the A.V. Honěk violin-makers! The passion for producing top quality string instruments is our family heritage. We are proud to build on more than a century long violin-making tradition.

Tomáš Honěk junior, Tomáš Honěk and Jakub Honěk

Alois Honěk founded the tradition in the end of the nineteenth century. Alois Vincenc Honěk mastered the technique of violin making.

His son and two grandsons now carry the tradition into the new millenium.

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Our Instruments – Passion for Excellence

The construction of a perfect string instrument is an exciting and at the same time very demanding process. Building an instrument with a perfect sound requires the use of materials of the highest quality, extraordinary know-how and substantial amount of craftsmanship. However, everything begins at the drawing board.

The Honěk family has the advantage of being able to build on over a century long tradition and using the know-how the family has accumulated.

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Who plays our instruments?

Škampa quartet plays on the collection of A.V. Honěk instruments in the occasion of the 90th birthday of Dr. Alois V. Honěk.

A.V. Honěk instruments are played in the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK and in the National Theatre Orchestra in Prague.

The instruments are or were used in the past by the by the Bohuslav Martinů quartet, Dvořák quartet, Škampa quartet.

They were also used by some of the leading soloists, students of professors Snítil, Ruis, Pišinger and others. Our instruments can be heard all around the world, in particular in Germany, United States, Switzerland, Japan, Italy etc.

Our violin was used by Prof. Václav Snítil, one of the best contemporary Czech violinists.

Our violas are or were played by

  • Prof. Jaroslav Ruis, member of the Dvořák quartet
  • Jaroslav Pondělíček, viola section leader of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Jan Jíša, member of the Bohuslav Martinů quartet
  • Petr Hejný, violoncellist and viola da gamba player

Our cellos are or were played by

  • Prof. Josef Chuchro and his son Jan Chuchro, of the Prague Symphonic Orchestra FOK
  • Prof. Pišinger, member of the famous Dvořák quartet

Our double basses are owned by both FOK and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra



Get Your Own AVH Instrument

Martin Bzirský plays at a concert in the occasion of the 90th birthday of Dr. Alois V. Honěk

Do not hesitate to contact us and find out more about our violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Many of the instruments built by AV Honek can be heard all around the world.

You may already be one of the happy owners of an AVH instrument. We would be glad if you visit our workshop and see how the excellent instruments are built. If you wish to know more about your particular instrument, we will do our best to answer your questions.

With all new instruments we issue a certificate of authenticity. If you wish to have the origin certified, we will be glad to see your instrument. If you are still looking for an instrument that would perfectly complement your skills, contact us right away.

Your new instrument is already waiting for you. Our custom made instruments can accommodate any special requirements. Do not hesitate and call us to find out about the price ranges. We are proud to support young promising talents by offering them special terms, leasing and flexible payment schemes.